Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AS PART OF THE 2014 STATE OF THE BIRDS REPORT, a team of scientists from the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) identified the 33 U.S. common bird species in steep decline. These are common birds that do not meet WatchList criteria, yet according to long-term monitoring surveys are rapidly declining throughout their range. They have lost more than half their global population over the past four decades.  We know that birds that are abundant today can undergo a massive population collapse with surprising rapidity. Passenger Pigeon populations crashed from 2 to 3 billion birds to none in the wild in just 40 years. Keeping common birds common, while we still can, is as important as preventing extinctions of rare species.

COMMON BIRDS IN STEEP DECLINE - Birds we've found as window collisions are highlighted.

Northern Pintail Horned Lark
American Wigeon Bank Swallow
Cinnamon Teal Verdin
Greater Scaup Varied Thrush
Long-tailed Duck Snow Bunting
Scaled Quail Cape May Warbler
Northern Bobwhite Blackpoll Warbler
Purple Gallinule Wilson’s Warbler
Franklin’s Gull Field Sparrow
Herring Gull Lark Bunting
Black Tern Grasshopper Sparrow
Yellow-billed Cuckoo Eastern Meadowlark
Snowy Owl Rusty Blackbird
Short-eared Owl Brewer’s Blackbird
Common Nighthawk Common Grackle
Chimney Swift Pine Siskin
Loggerhead Shrike

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