Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NY law limits light pollution at state buildings

"Sen. Carl Marcellino says his bill requires the use of shielded lights on the exterior of state buildings, directing lighting downward onto streets, walkways and public spaces.
Marcellino says unshielded lighting causes something called sky glow. That obscures night sky views and creates road glare. He says excessive outdoor lighting causes over 100 million bird fatalities across the United States annually."

"On Dec. 17, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into passage the Dark Skies bill, which will require all state-funded new and replacement outdoor lighting to conform with new design specifications to reduce ambient light. The new fixtures will be shielded and focus light downward rather than dispersing it skyward. The new-model lights are expected to save more money over the long run than their initial cost. The bill includes replacing newer LED lights, which produce a damaging glare (including to human eyes) because of their high percentage of blue-spectrum light."

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