Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Photos: Kara K.

Gray Catbird (Bldg. 15G).


Young American Robin (Bldg. 27D).

Yet another terrible day of finds.

It is probably the thing I fear the most, finding a stunned bird. Unfortunately today we found two stunned birds - a Gray Catbird and a young American Robin.  The chances of recovering from such a head trauma are slim. When we find stunned birds sitting upright, we watch from a distance, careful not to scare them, until they hopefully recover enough to fly into a nearby tree. 

Now we know if we find birds on their back, we carefully move them under a bush or in one of our shoe boxes. We make a little nest out of mulch or an old shirt to prop their heads up.  This makes it easier for them to breath and helps increase their chance of survival.

What makes this upsetting is that these deaths are preventable. 

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