Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This male House Finch (Bldg. 15C) was reported to me yesterday afternoon.  When I found him it was cold and windy, he was sitting in a puddle.  I kept him in a paper bag in my office to warm up and recover for about an hour.  I then took him outside to see if he could fly away, he could not.  I brought him back inside and called a local bird rehabber.  She recommended keeping him overnight to recover since it was getting late and the temperatures were going to drop into the teens. 

Unfortunately, the trauma was too much and he didn't survive the window collision.  I often get inspiration from Lynne Parks.  Lynne is a volunteer with Lights out Baltimore.  She recently asked me to participate in an art exhibit in March to raise awareness of bird-window collisions.  I am thrilled and honored at this opportunity.

Taking photos help make sure these birds are memorialized in some way - that their deaths can help move this issue to the forefront of people's minds.  I had to find a fitting way to capture this House Finch.  I hope I did.

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